Return to the Light 

A 1-on-1 guided Journey

21 December 2022 – 21 June 2023

The winter solstice can mark a time of celebration and a time of cocooning. The summer solstice can mark a time of bursting out into summer fun. This year, make this sacred journey between the solstices intentional by learning the Return to the Light process with me. The process is based around five personalized one-on-one coaching sessions to integrate each step, with private Facebook group postings and community support.

This program is for you if you:

  • Are in the midst of a current trauma or challenging situation,
  • Have experienced challenging situations in the past,
  • Could experience challenging situations in the future,
  • Want to support someone who is experiencing trauma or challenges, or
  • Are interested in learning a rapid recovery tool for daily challenges.

In this transformational 5-step process we will co-create the actions to manifest your return to the light. You will learn the Return to the LIGHT process for recovering from current and future traumas and you will have actionable steps to move forward. This process will enable you to heal yourself and your relationships, welcoming hope, compassion, self-love, and faith into your life.

Return to the LIGHT will enable you to journey through life knowing there is a way through trauma to a joyful life. This will create a profound resiliency enabling you to live in alignment and take these sacred journeys with self-love and compassion. As you begin to see how previous and current traumas are affecting your relationships and situations you will be able to transform them into partnerships with a true sense of belonging ad appreciation. You will deepen your faith in yourself and model that to your family, friends, and community. In turn, that will transform the world as you will never need to look away from your own or others’ pain again.

During this sun’s journey I will guide you through the Return to the LIGHT steps:

  1. Let Yourself Fall: Giving Yourself Space to Heal 
  2. Inch Along: Continuing to Heal While “Acting Normal”
  3. Gathering Grace: Finding Healing in the World
  4. Heal Yourself: Using Grace as Salve to the Wound
  5. Transform the World: Modeling Recovery in Your World

 Included in Return to the LIGHT Package 

    • Five personalized one-on-one coaching sessions to integrate each step
    • A month-long focus on each step in the process in which I provide talks, writings, exercises, and prompts for discussion/journaling/consideration
    • Support through a private Facebook group where I post the talks, writings, exercises and prompts
    • An equinox virtual group gathering marking the halfway point 
    • A virtual group “graduation” ceremony to launch you into summer

You will begin to transition from

  • Acting resilient by being “tough” to being resilient
  • Pushing others away with the scaffolding of old trauma to standing in health and inviting others to join you
  • Asking “Why me?” to “Why NOT me?”
  • Waking up feeling beat down TO waking up feeling excited about the day
  • Letting situations take you TO responding to situations in her own best interest
  • Feeling alone to creating rich connections in a supportive community
  • Lashing out to expressing feelings appropriately
  • Self-denigration to self-love
  • Insecurity to safety
  • Feeling fake to expressing yourself authentically
  • Feeling like others should “get over it” to walking with others through pain
  • Allowing daily frustrations or hurts ruin your day to rapidly recovering so they do not affect your entire day