Return to the LIGHT

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A 1:1 guided journey through the Return to the LIGHT steps. The process is based around five personalized one-on-one coaching sessions to integrate each step, with private Facebook group postings and community support.

In this transformational 5-step process I will work with you to co-create the steps that meet you wherever you are in your current journey through trauma. You will learn the Return to the LIGHT process for recovering from current and future traumas and you will have actionable steps to move forward. This process will enable you to heal yourself and your relationships, welcoming hope, compassion, self-love, and faith into your life.

This process will enable you to journey through life knowing there is a way through trauma to a joyful life. This will create a profound resiliency enabling you to live in alignment and take these sacred journeys with self-love and compassion. As you begin to see how previous and current traumas are affecting your relationships and situations you will be able to transform them into partnerships with a true sense of belonging ad appreciation. You will deepen your faith in yourself and model that to your family, friends, and community. In turn, that will transform the world as you will never need to look away from your own or others’ pain again.

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1 review for Return to the LIGHT

  1. Daniel Adams

    This what Darlene and I need to settle our relationship moving forward as we grow older in grace. This program is nothing but the Best.

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