Heal &              Transform

Journey Into the LIGHT

A Live Virtual or In-person Half-day Retreat

Life has a way of dropping us to our knees. The path from that initial pain to a new sense of Self is “sacred ground.” This live virtual or in-person half-day retreat introduces you to the concept of sacred ground and the 5 steps for making that journey. This sacred ground walk is deeply spiritual and brings you out of the darkness of pain, and back into the light, leading to transformation.

You will discover the current structures our culture has in place that prevent us from taking the time to heal. This retreat includes deep dive explorations into each step. These discussions create a safe and comfortable space for you to share from your heart as you feel called. You will develop actions and be able to apply them in your own life. Ultimately, you will gain a new sense of hope for healing your heart and spirit.


Learn actionable steps for dealing with your own deep pains and wounds


Develop a 30, 60, 90-day plan of action for yourself for your current sacred ground walk


Discover how to apply those same actionable steps when helping others transition through their deep pains and wounds


Gain a community of people for support after the session


Rekindle a sense of hope and optimism in your life

If you would like to schedule a workshop, please send a message by clicking the Get In Touch button. Minimum workshop size is 10 at $80 per person.