For Teams

Do you want team members who:

  • Are more engaged and collaborative?
  • Develop deeper relationships with colleagues and clients?
  • Maintain enthusiasm throughout the workday?
  • Communicate and participate more effectively?
  • Make conscious choices based on established team values?
  • Work toward the highest effectiveness of the team?
  • Analyze situations and make changes to thoughts, and behaviors that enhance performance?

SHIFT Workshop

Do you or your team members sometimes sometimes swirl in negative thinking and create the exact opposite of what you want?

There is a secret to breaking this pattern of negative thinking and consciously choosing thoughts that align all aspects of your work with what energizes and enlivens you. It requires having a methodology and system to keep you intentionally focused and aware throughout your day. The Get Clarity SHIFT system provides a simple sustainable easy-to-use set of tools to SHIFT your thoughts to be more effective.

For over 20 years, the Get Clarity system has proven that when everyone on a work team is focused and responsible for their thoughts and behaviors, it creates an environment of collaboration, willingness, and a common sense of purpose. It creates the peak experience that leads to peak performance.

Shelly is an exceptional leader with a particular skill of bringing order to chaos. Shelly combines her 38-year career as an engineering leader, and program manager with her training as a SHIFT Faculty member to transition your team to a new level of performance. Shelly will provide your team with the tools and methodology to use the Clarity Attention Guide to SHIFT as individuals, leaders, and teams. As your team moves to peak performance this will in turn shift your organization’s systems, behaviors, and spirit as well.

What leaders are saying about Get Clarity’s SHIFT program:


“Guiding talented people to have strong inner game for themselves and their team is the key to success. Daily situations always challenge our inner game to shift thoughts into positive energy. The Clarity tools will keep you vitally present and energetically focused on making it happen. Stay above-the-line! It works!”~ George Karl, NBA Coach, Denver Nuggets


“I originally thought something had to be broken to need this training. What I came to understand was that Clarity’sprogram is especially for businesses and individuals who are performing well, and want to take their business and life to the next level. The tools help us keep our vision and allow us to stay on track with the team toward a shared purpose.”~Dave Litchfield, CEO, Everything Good, Salt Lake City, UT


“Thanks to the Get Clarity training we experienced, our entire team has changed the way we work with each other and our clients. The new tools that we learned to use from Cathy and Gary have energized our staff and they keep us focused on the actions we really need to take. The increased focus and energy that our team has gained is priceless.”~~Sue Goodin, Founding Director, Progressive Health Center

Find Your Voice

Do you and your team members have beliefs about each other, the organization, or the mission that prevents peak performance?



In the SHIFT workshop, the team learns about shifting thoughts. The triangle of mindset shows how these thoughts affect their beliefs. What about deeply held beliefs that may be holding the team back from changing behaviors?

Shelly will use her training as a Find Your Voice certified healer to facilitate your team’s development of a deep core map. This exercise allows the team to explore their current beliefs about the team and then move forward by defining their true identity, healthy behaviors, values, and actions that lead the team to its highest performance.

This enables you and your team members to adjust beliefs and attitudes and enable your team members to make conscious choices adhering to their defined values. This activity will provide your team with a living graphic enabling them to visualize the team they are currently and the peak performance team of their future.

Extended Package

Add on 6 monthly follow-up sessions to continue the integration of SHIFT and Find Your Voice tools. Each follow-up session is 1.5 hours and includes situational analysis of ongoing team activities and concerns as well as new training.

 Included in SHIFT for Teams Program: 

Basic Package:

      • 4-hour SHIFT workshop
      • SHIFT Guidebook to Positive Thinking for each team member
      • Clarity Attention Guide and Balance Sheet for each team member
      • Clarity Card Deck
      • 4 weekly 1.5-hour follow-up sessions to ensure integration

Find Your Voice Package:

      • Basic Package plus
      • 4-hr deep core map development
      • 7 bi-weekly 1.5-hour follow-up sessions to ensure integration
      • 2 monthly 1.5-hour follow-up sessions

Extended Package:

      • Find Your Voice Package plus
      • 8 additional monthly 1.5-hour follow-up sessions

There is a secret to breaking the pattern of negative thinking, and consciously choosing thoughts that align all aspects of your work. It requires having a methodology to keep you intentionally focused and aware.